android-appIn Matic Technologies we develop android applications with the help of our trained and experienced, focused and professional Android developers. As it is clear that Android development and Android phones are very common now a days which leads to the booming of Android Market, as there is a very higher demand of Android development projects. At Matic Technologies Android development is flourishing day by day as a result of customer and client support and satisfaction. The Google Play Store has provides simple procedures and allows fast time to market. Our android developers have privilege of not worrying about the rejection of the project or any stringent rules to follow. However android devises come with a variety of applications and resolutions, there exists a trouble in the development environment as well as the developers to sort out for them all. The testing of Android applications is a one of the most difficult, time consuming and tedious task. But our experts have no issue of it they provide us the best possible solutions of the client’s requirement.

Up till now we have covered a wide variety of mobile Android development Applications and have excepted all the challenges coming in way. Our dedicated designers and developers easily recognize specific platform of behaviors of device and always incorporate their designs in such a way that no user or the operating system feels deceived. By using the platform dependent specific standards and including the nature of device which has been proved from a long time a key to successful approach to a app. In today’s life one of the most demanding criteria in Android development is taxi hailing mobile application with MySQL and java back end. Our company has developed and completed totally functional taxi hailing system, with a driver, a customer and a server module,this is an ongoing update module for Matic Technologies. This application have so many new concepts that came across us while developing and implementing this particular application. It is served as a third party service regarding socket communication and SMS. This application has proven the most crucial aspect of our department as it brings high performance and concurrency.

The taxi hailing mobile application includes separately the customer module and the driver’s module. It has a full request following that provides results to the end user as the driver can be seen by approaching him. The mapping system navigates the whole process through Google map. In the map user can be able to seen the nearby driver in the given radius. Customers can also see their old history rides, also the ride request is provided at a much faster rate and it is passed to the nearest driver. On the other hand the driver has a receptor module that responds to the customer’s request in real time. The logged in drivers are become connected with the whole system, which makes the customer request to be pushed and indicating the near by driver. The request has been accepted by the drivers immediately and then he start the ride. The driver module as an important feature that is how the app reacts to the request in the background. More ever there is a busy signal that a driver can make while attending and replying the requests. The most difficult feature is the distance and fare calculus which relates to the success of app.