How to Spy Out Your Competitor’s Most Useful Backlinks

Backlinks play a vital role in the SEO industry and without that business cannot get a higher rank as it has its own importance.

Backlink examination is a procedure that is holding up great to the trial of regularly changing SEO waters. Regardless of wide changes in search engine, search engine optimization, etc. competitor backlink examination is same as it was with numerous SEO specialists helping in getting better rank by competing it competitor.

Google search engine top links, i.e. links those appears in top searches of Google are probably going to have a strong backlink profile. As Google rank those links which has some quality otherwise not. Those sites undoubtedly have fresh and unique content that fulfil the best practice of SEO and other criteria principle. Generally, in any case, it is the solid backlink profile of those pages that move their high rankings.

Now suppose that: What might happen to your site’s rankings if you have same backlink profile as every site or page in search results? It surely can’t hurt to recognize your competitor most helpful backlinks.

Gathering and analyzing backlink data is important to search engine optimization activity as it gives understanding into how and why your competitor are performing well in search results for any given keywords. This backlink data is a success for links that you can utilize and reuse in order to gain traffic into your site. The procedure requires building the correct establishment for your site and utilizing the result of your backlink examination to build quality links for your website. Building a quality backlinks implies more than just duplicating your competitor’s backlink. It additionally means implies exceeding them by including other valuable links utilized by other competitor site. The procedure is moderate and natural, yet it satisfies in a long run.

The very first step you need to do when creating a quality backlinks is to closely monitor the Google’s top search results for the keywords you want to rank. Then collect the best outcomes and run their URLs through a backlink checker.

There are various free and paid backlink checker tool available in internet. These tools result the complete data of backlinks for the given URL. It may also be possible that the results are not similar of ever tool, as they source their information from different databases. To guarantee a comprehensive result, you should combine information from various backlink checker tools. Once the competitor backlink data is collected from your preferred backlinks checker tool, make a comprehensive list by removing the duplicate backlinks data.

After the competitor backlink data is collected the next step is to focus on the quality backlinks, i.e. links those have high PR value (Page Rank). The high PR value link should be on the priority and we target those links for our submission. Further, precede with secondary priority links.

When you have your needed list, now study how your competitors are connected to a specific page. In some cases, a link is created by posting a blog comment; other times they have a guest post. It is through assessing your competitor’s relationships with their connected pages that you can get a idea how to acquire a quality backlink from those sites, as well as build a strong backlinks for SEO.

Easy Method of Doing Skyscraper Link Building Technique

Have you ever tried skyscraper link building technique in your Off Page activities? I don’t think so; but believe me this method is very useful and give a positive boost to the business. If you are very much serious about getting traffic and good ROI then high quality links is very much important.

Let’s talk about the skyscraper link building technique that guarantee the high quality links from every piece of content that you promote.

What is Skyscraper Technique?
The Skyscraper technique is process of finding rich content, making far better content then that, and therefore getting backlinks by connecting to the right audience. That is precisely how skyscraper technique became popular.

The 3 steps of “Skyscraper Link Building Technique” to get high quality links and traffic

Step 1: Find keyword to target
In the first step of skyscraper technique, you need to find the relevant content with lots of backlinks based on your keywords phrase. A simple Google search of the keyword will result the number of links which will be helpful for you. But, question arises here, how will you know that; in that particular page you get the number of backlinks? In context to this, there are many backlink research tools; with the help of them you can check the number of backlinks. For example; SEO PowerSuite tools, SEO SpyGlass, etc.

Step 2: Create Better Content
After finding out the content, the second step is to create a fresh, unique and rich content. Don’t worry and get frustrated of doing the boring job of writing. I suggest a better idea for this, as you have a links of good ideas, you just have to rewrite it into something new, innovative and quite unique so, the people love it.

While writing the content you don’t have to be very promotional; be precise and provide complete information as per the topic. Add examples, case studies, quotes, etc. whatever the information suits the topic and relevant to the audience.

Step 3: Connect to the Right People
Now, it’s time to outreach the right people and this is the final step of skyscraper link building technique. In this step, you have to email people to publish your content, but I would suggest instead of emailing to single people each time, contact those person who already have linked out to similar content.

Once you have contacted to the right person after considering all the prospects of your niche business requirement. Further, just go ahead by sharing your content to them and further, it get publish.

Now, pull up your socks and wait & watch the effect of skyscraper link building technique.

That’s all about the skyscraper link building technique. Follow these 3 steps and get find something great, rewrite to something better and reach to the right audience.

Content Marketing Technique Helps To Build Your Business

Content Marketing is a type of marketing or we can say that it is vital advertising approach concentrated on creating and sharing significant content to draw attention and obtain targeted audience with an aim to increase our business. It develops your image and encourages connections, including the profundity and visibility to be fruitful in the present market world. With an attractive content marketing strategy, you can connect with your customers and build a trustworthy relationship for future endeavour to grow your business for good revenue.

Let’s take an example of content marketing, say you owned a company since 5 years, but you are still looking to grow your client base, so you start writing content as per the service offered by you. Once you start writing the content and published its get start to ranking in search engine over the time.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of content marketing:

  • Build brand value
  • Generate business leads
  • Increase business revenue
  • Increase email list

The perfect content marketing strategies to build your business is as follows:

  • Target Location: The first and foremost step while keeping step in content marketing world to promote your business, is to understand your target location whether it will be local, global or worldwide.
  • Define Your Audience: You need to understand about your target audience to promote your business. Without knowing your actual target audience of your product or services you offered; you cannot promote your business. Your target audience will decide how to structure your content to gather interest of audience. For example, if your audience is all about education industry, then students and teachers will be your target audience.
  • Build Brand Awareness: Here is a couple of tip to build brand awareness of your business – to build brand awareness you can use your blogs, image(along with content), infographic, etc. as your tool. Now, to stand different in market you need to produce unique and fresh content as people always like different things. If you continuously promote the repeated content you won’t be able to stand out in market. For writing the content you need to decide the trending topic, complete and specific information along with link of your business.
  • Promote Content on Different Channels: It will be very beneficial if we promote our content on different platforms. Choose the platform which has good domain authority and have amount of visitors.
  • Guest Blogging: Now a day, guest posting technique is in boom. People are approaching guest blogger to publish their content in their site. So the task is – we need to find niche relevant website of your business who allow us to promote our content. We need to contact them and at the final settlement content can be published along with business link.
  • Analysing Google Analytics: On the daily basis, track your website data on Google Analytics account. This helps in knowing which piece of content bring more traffic and through which channel in our website. Daily analysis of content performance online further lead to know the marketing strategy whether we are going in right direction or not.

The reasons of doing content marketing for your business continue forever. So there are limitless reasons of doing content marketing; since it works, and these days it is a standout method to build brand awareness and drive organic leads for your business.

Why to Choose Web Development Hosting Services

web2Web development assumes as essential part for any business in light of the fact that your site is presently such a crucial hub of information and business collaboration. This makes it crucial that you work with a web developer that is able and dependable, and one that you can trust to offer you some assistance with growing and succeed on the online.

Here are four key things that any business ought to comprehend about web improvement that will make discussions with web developers simpler to help you shape the future of your website.

Web Development is Not an “Once and Done” Project :
The beginning formation of your site is only the main stage in it’s life-cycle. As your business scales and advances your site ought to adjust to fit its needs. The website will also need to be developed over time to meet the ever-changing digital demands and trends. We the Matic Technologies having expert web developers who can provide you a quality services with low price. We are the team who you feel comfortable with, can easily communicate with and who understands your core goals and objectives. Your relationship with our web developers will be a long-term one, and we will offer you full support for ongoing maintenance and improvements.

Keep User Experience at the Heart of Web Development :
Try not to be fooled by looks alone! At the point when seeing website designs it’s easy to be attracted to the locales that look slick and stylish and particularly if moving from a more established site. Nonetheless, this is only one part of the entire picture. Your site needs to perform in the event that it will bring you customers. At Matic Technologies we will develop your website with all business activities that you need it to. We will be able to design a website that can work for your business needs but it is very important that your communication about this to our web developers and go into details about the objectives and workings of your business.

Have a Management Plan :
Hiring us as web development team,you will get a great support and your website will get more value. We are also content management system (CMS) that our team can help you regularly to add new content such as blog posts, products and web pages. Similarly, we will manage and update existing content with information up to date and fresh. There are many popular CMS platforms available and our web developer will explain you.

You Don’t Need to Start from Scratch :
As we already mentioned above, there are many popular CMS platforms available on which to develop your website. Each of these can be redone to give you the look, feel and functionality that you are searching for.

Ensure You Maintain Ownership :
This final point is one of the most important, yet unfortunately one of the most commonly overlooked by business owners during a web development project. You should always make sure that all elements of your project are in your name. This includes the domain name purchase and registration, hosting, and any licenses for the CMS or other software used to build your site.

The developers in MATIC TECHNOLOGIES are experts in improving your websites with a quality output. We analyze your business needs and promote which will help to expand incomes and ease of use of your site.By hiring our Web Developers you can save your time, money and frustration as you embark on a new website project.

Rank Your Website On Google

Here are some things to remember in order for getting traffic on your website, for this you need to know the following things:-
  • What changes is Google making to its algorithm on April 21st?
  • If my site is not mobile-friendly, will this impact my desktop rankings as well?
  • How much will mobile rankings be impacted?
  • What about sites that redirect to a mobile subdomain? Will they be considered mobile-friendly?
  • How do I know if my site meets Google’s requirements for mobile friendliness?
  • How does having a mobile app impact my mobile rankings?
  • Do I need an app, and if so, should it be Android, iOS or both? What if I have a limited budget?
  • How is mobile traffic impacted by the user search query? Is there a way I can find out if my top keywords are mostly desktop or mobile keywords?
  • What is Google’s goal with all of these mobile-friendly changes?
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