1415367437FuelPHPNow a days Fuel PHP is one of the most popular frameworks of PHP. It is very simple, flexible community driven PHP 5.3 framework which is made with keeping in mind the ideas of other frameworks. It is a model view controller or (MVC) type of framework. At Matic Technologies we provide all the best possible solutions through fuel PHP according to the requirements of the client. This framework is designed from ground uo to fully dependent on the architecture and HMVC. Fuel PHP also includes View Models which are also known as presentation models in the whole mix which provides option for getting a powerful layer between the view and controller. It mostly supports router based configurations where you can route directly to closure which provides the input uri making closure the controller and provide it control over the whole execution. At Matic Technologies we make MVC based applications with a decided short span of time and approaching to the higher results with success.At every stage of fuel PHP Framework provides a whole package which will let you not to do a change with in a single line of code it is built in such a manner that no changes are required to make.

You can do more functionality along with the packages that extends or replace the fuel PHP core and you can keep your application modular into simple application modules. Packages and modules makes a quite simple and systematic way to reuse the code. You can extend or replace the core class not rewriting a single line of code. You can package extra functionality with the provided package.You can make modular application through module application.

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