Laravel PHP FrameworkComentum specializes on developing efficient and maintainable customized web applications. Comentum’s development group is knowledgeable in using different development frameworks. Comentum works with its customers to use a structure that is well designed for each customer’s specifications.

Laravel Framework is one of our crew’s preferred PHP frameworks for developing strong maintainable rule.

When it comes to rule stability and maintainability, Laravel has a good base and great group assistance behind its PHP Framework. At Matic Technologies we provide generation of applications based on this PHP framework. It is a open source, free application development framework which is based on Model View Controller or MVC following the architectural pattern. It has a prominent usage in through its expressive and understandable syntax along with a modular packaging system. At Matic we have a dedicated dependency manager with different ways of accessing relational databases and many utilities in addition with application deployment and maintenance. Laravel has been listed the most popular PHP framework of 2015. The features of Laravel are more rich than the Codeigniter framework, it provides authentication and authorization along with its new features that Codeigniter does not provides. Laravel one provides built in support for authentication models, views, localization, sessions, routing and various other processes.


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